GameStop Wallet for Your Browser & iPhone

Manage your crypto & NFTs in one place
Utilize decentralized apps on Ethereum
Fast transactions on Layer 2
Self-custodial for full control of your assets
Web3 is one step away

Manage, send and receive cryptocurrencies

and NFTs. Explore Ethereum and the

world of Web3.

High Speed


Leverage the power of Layer 2 tech to easily trade assets and collectibles with low or no fees across multiple networks.

Ideal For NFTs Manage, send and receive NFTs. Easily connect to the GameStop NFT marketplace and trade NFTs from anywhere.

Ideal For


Manage, send and receive NFTs. Easily connect to the GameStop NFT marketplace and trade NFTs from anywhere.

Truly Own

Your Assets

The GameStop Wallet is a self-custodial Ethereum wallet, which gives you full control of your assets. Power to the players!


Own your first NFT with

3 simple steps

Step 1 - Create a wallet

Create a new GameStop Wallet.

Step 2 - Fund your wallet

Fund your GameStop Wallet with Ether on

Loopring Layer 2.

Step 3 - Connect to GameStop NFT

Connect to the GameStop NFT Marketplace

and buy your first NFT.

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What is a browser extension wallet?

A browser extension wallet is an add-on for your web browser that adds a cryptocurrency wallet to the browser's menu bar. Installing a browser extension wallet allows you to manage and trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs directly in decentralized apps like the GameStop NFT Marketplace, without ever having to leave your web browser window. Please read more here.

How do I set up a browser extension wallet?

Install it from the Chrome Web Store, then open your extension tray (the puzzle icon next to your address bar), and "pin" the new GameStop Wallet icon that appears by clicking the pin icon. Click Create Wallet. Follow the on-screen steps from there. Please read more here.

What is a Secret Recovery Phrase?

A Secret Recovery Phrase is a sequence of words provided to you when setting up your new wallet. This phrase is the only way to recover access to your wallet if you forget your password or need to install your wallet again. Write it down immediately upon creating your wallet, and don't lose it. GameStop will never ask you for your Secret Recovery Phrase or Private Key. Please read more here.

What is Layer 2?

To understand Layer 2, you should know what Layer 1 is first. Layer 1 is the base layer of the blockchain, also referred to as Ethereum mainnet. It often suffers from network congestion which causes high transaction fees and long delays. Layer 2 refers to a set of protocols created to solve this problem, operating on top of the blockchain, but importantly still part of that base network. Layer 2 provides faster speeds and lower transaction fees than the blockchain itself offers, while maintaining the security and trust of the Ethereum mainnet. Please read more here.

Why do I need to activate Layer 2?

When you first create your wallet, it will immediately be able to transact on the Ethereum mainnet (Layer 1). In order to utilize the faster speed and lower fees of Layer 2, you'll need to activate your Layer 2 account, which you can do by depositing ETH to your Layer 2 balance.